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From Beginnings to Brilliance – Nurturing Young Minds at the Ignite Academy After School Program

 By: MCC Ignite Academy Team


The MCC and United Way Ignite Academy program collaborated to provide support and help students in Windsor and Essex County, succeed academically and personally.

The program started last year with a big success and continues to support students as a solution to many challenges students and their families are facing.

The MCC, in collaboration with many local organizations, is providing a MADE-IN-WINDSOR program and is supporting so many students at Begley, General Brock, Immaculate Conception, and St. James schools.


Here are some words of appreciation from our students and their parents.

“I love Ignite because my teachers are very nice and helpful, I am so happy here.” Elizabeth

“I am so happy, with Ignite I am happier.” Daniel

“I made so many friends thank you”. Alexander

“I love helping others, now I am able to help my great Ignite Academy teachers.” Erick

“Ignite Academy helped me so much with obtaining a Babysitting certificate and I am so happy to have my first job with the help of my teachers at Ignite.” Alexis

“I had no friends prior to Ignite, now I have so many friends and I am so happy.” Baylasan

“Ignite Academy gave me so much happiness, especially when I received the adventure bay summer pass, I have never been happier.” Ethan

“Ignite Academy helped me get 100% on my math test, I am so thankful.” Anonymous


Parents Quotes:

 “This program is so unique and very helpful.”

“Everyone is great with the kids; my kids love Ignite program.”

“Ignite has been a great program for our kids, they are generous and help kids learn and have fun.”

“It’s a safe welcoming and warm learning environment.”

“I can’t express my gratitude for the program.”

“The staff are committed to the job, thank you so much.”

“Great support to the family.”

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