Multicultural Council of Windsor & Essex County

Gala history

 Nineteen years ago, the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County spearheaded the creation of a community-wide celebration to recognize the contribution of the Rt. Honourable Herb Gray.

On October 23, 2002, a formal evening of appreciation was held, and the program included the presentation of the first Multicultural Council tribute – the Herb Gray Harmony Award.

This prestigious honour recognizes individuals, businesses, or organizations in our community who have actively promoted the equality of all cultures, and who have made an outstanding contribution to building a community that is multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-faith.


In 2008, the Champion Award was added to the program, celebrating significant contributions made to our community by first-generation Canadians.

To honour the 45th year of the Multicultural Council in 2018, the Inspire Award was introduced as a way to recognize a newcomer for their perseverance, optimism, and positive example provided to our community.
Each spring, the Herb Gray Harmony Gala takes place and features a different exciting etho-cultural theme, drawing a crowd of over 600 community partners, supporters, and representatives to recognize award recipients.

Proceeds from the event benefit the programs and services of the Multicultural Council, and serve to assist in our mission of creating a welcoming community for all.


For sponsorship information, please contact Mira Gordic at 519-255-1127 ext 155 or

Previous Award Recipients

2002 Harmony: Rt. Honourable Herb Gray 
2003 Harmony: Vernon Mahadeo
2004 Harmony: Capital theatre & Dr. Subhas Ramcharan
2005 Harmony: Dr. John Jacob Lyanga

Harmony: Individual Award – Elise Harding-Davis, Private Company – Champion Products – Ashok Sood

Non – Profit Agency – WEST

Champion Award: Anthony P Toldo

2007  Harmony: Michael G. Solcz & Jamie Henderson

Harmony: Rotary Clubs of Windsor & Essex

Champion Award: Antoine Greige



Harmony: Gary Parent

Champion Award: Dr. Raphael Cheung


Harmony: John Morris Russell

Champion Award: Marwan Taqtaq


Harmony: David Musyj

Champion Award: Snjezana Gacesa


Harmony: Aruna Koushik

Champion Award: Terry Rafih


Harmony: Sandra Pupatello

Champion Award: Dr. Fouad Tayfour


Harmony: Eddie Francis

Champion Award: Floyd Cacciavillani


Harmony: Dr. John Strasser

Champion Award: Mario Collavino


Harmony: Marty Komsa

Champion Award: Vince & Olivia Rosati


Harmony: Dr. Alan Wildeman

Champion Award: Dr. Godfrey Bacheyie


Harmony: Caesars Windsor Cares

Champion Award: Mrs. Jasmin Reyes Tjong

Inspire Award: Ali & Hussein Mohammed


Harmony: The Tepperman Family

Champion Award: Dr. Gordon Jasey

Inspire Award: Charles Kayumbi & Marceline Kilongo


Harmony: Anita Imperioli

Champion Award: Dr. Christos Spirou

Inspire Award: Moussa Keita


Harmony: Dr. Patti France

 Champion Award: Mr. Biagio (Bill) Marra

Kathleen Thomas Inspire Award: Kobra Safi


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