The Multicultural Council and the Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers are proud to present World of Flavour;
a summer celebration of food and culture.

Each week we will share videos and recipes which capture unique tastes and combinations from around the globe
using locally-grown vegetables.

The videos feature local greenhouse growers along with our Carrousel of the Nations representatives preparing delicious traditional meals and sharing their histories and their stories.
Each of their recipes will be available to download and make for yourself at home.

Twice each week we will also share recipes from the staff and friends of the MCC which reflect their heritage and which utilize wonderful local tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers.

Visit the OGVG website for more delicious recipes, and look for locally-grown OGVG produce when you buy your vegetables. 

Fatoush & Bruschetta

Freshness is the focus as Jihane Yaghi from the Leamington Lebanese Club creates authentic fatoush, and Josh Mastronardi from Trison Farms prepares delicious bruschetta

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Greek Stuffed Vegetables

Savory Greek Stuffed Vegetables are on the menu courtesy of the MCC’s Vasilis Panousis.

Russian Pickled Tomatoes

Rolla Beydoun of the Multicultural Council offers her traditional recipe for exciting Russian Spiced Pickled Tomatoes.

Leczo & Zesty salad

Tradition and culture are celebrated as Polonia Windsor’s Maria Kulesza prepare Polish Leczo and Natalie Capussi from JC Fresh Farms makes a Zesty Salad. 

Shopska Salata

A fresh approach to a summertime staple.  The MCC’s Mira Gordic gives salad a Bulgarian twist with her Shopska Salata.

Spicy Shrimp Salad

MCC Community Engagement and Orientation Specialist Lubna Baraka’s delicious recipe for a fresh and fun Spicy Shrimp Salad

Ginataang Shrimp & Aloo Baingan Curry

Spices take centre stage this week as World of Flavour unveils recipes for Ginataang Shrimp from the Filipino Community’s Milo Santos and Aloo Baingan Curry from Pure Flavor’s Irfan Mohammed.

Couscous Salad

Pam Mady, the MCC’s Manager of Communications & Community Engagement offers a unique way to enjoy fresh tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers with her recipe for traditional Couscous Salad.

20 Minute Pasta

Fresh spring veggies mix with light fluffy pasta to create a quick and easy summer treat in today’s World of Flavour recipe from MCC Community Engagement and Communications Summer Student Sereine Elbalkhi’s 20 Minute Pasta.

Baked Chicken with Rice and Beans

World of Flavour presents exciting Caribbean flavours this week as Bobby Brown and Ann Tamminga from Truly Green Farms prepare Baked Chicken with Pineapple Sauce with Rice and Beans.

Pork Gulas

Savory pork and scrumptious vegetables are on the menu for World of Flavours this week.  Maria Ghib from the MCC’s East End Office offers an amazing recipe for Pork Gulas using fresh tomatoes and peppers. 

Macedonian Bean Stew

Another sumptuous and savory dish for World of Flavour as the MCC’s Community Connections Supervisor Sladjana Lazevski shares her recipe for Gravce na Tavce, a Macedonian Bean Stew.

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