Pre-Employment  Services Activities include:

Pre-Employment Mentorship Program

  • Scheduled appointments on a one-on-one basis with newcomer clients to assess needs, strengths and employment goals and develop individualized employment action plans;
  • Delivering pre-employment workshops and sector-specific information sessions that help refugees to understand labour market realities in Ontario, and help them to make informed decisions about seeking immediate employment or pursuing further training;
  • Make referrals to Employment Ontario service providers and prepare clients to benefit from other bridging, employment, entrepreneurship and mentoring programs; and
  • Organize networking events to directly connect our clients and employers
  • Connect with employers and industry leaders to increase their knowledge and awareness about client’s needs and employment goals.

    Client Eligibility

  • GARs and PSRs with all CLB levels and from any country

For more information, please contact the Coordinator of Pre-Employment Services, Colin Grimmond at (519) 255-1127 ext. 157.

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