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MCC Harmony Through Education


The MCC Harmony Through Education scholarship program creates opportunities, fosters aspirations, and expands potentials.

With the financial support of individual donors, the program supports the education efforts of newcomers in Windsor-Essex. Through this initiative, the MCC is able to contribute to covering the cost of education-related expenses.

One our generous program donors, the Jaber Buchanan Foundation, recently supported a young newcomer named Misslie with her pursuit of a diploma in the Early Childhood Education Program at St. Clair College.

Being alone in Canada, without family, she had few people to rely on. With the help of the scholarship and MCC along the way, she was able to achieve a major goal. It will assist her in finding stable employment once Covid 19 is over.” Patricia, MCC Case Manager

The fund addresses the education and financial challenges faced by many newcomers and helps to celebrate their ambitions and accomplishments.

By awarding me the scholarship, you have reduced my financial burden which allowed me to focus on my school work and not to worry about my other expenses. Even though online learning with the second language was a challenge, my dedication and passion for higher education have allowed me to achieve a grade point average of 3.54. Receiving this scholarship motivated me to maintain my GPA and complete the program. I look forward to being able to give back to the community once I begin my career.” Misslie, Scholarship Recipient

Misslie completed her program earlier this year. She found a temporary on-call position in a women’s shelter and is currently looking for fulltime employment.  She has shared that the scholarship assisted her in paying for school expenses, especially computer and internet expenses which were essential during the pandemic.

This scholarship program serves to help in creating a welcoming community by addressing an identified barrier to success and participation in educational pursuits. Thank you, Jaber Buchanan Foundation, for your support of this program, and congratulations Misslie on your achievement. We are so proud of you!

If you are interested in contributing to MCC Harmony Through Education – please contact