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A Community Partnership Equation:

ENWIN + MCC = Strength Through Diversity

By Barbara Peirce Marshall| May 10, 2021

At ENWIN we believe that diversity and inclusion are important concepts that should be reflected in our community partnerships and in the way we do business.

Service to our customers has always been our primary focus and we know we are better able to serve customers when we understand their needs and perspectives. That understanding must begin on the inside – with a workforce that is part of, and reflects, the community.

Our partnership with the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County (MCC) is one of the ways we are working toward that goal.

Diversity and inclusion are not just concepts to us, but key objectives for our organization – at all levels. We are clear about the importance of partners like MCC, who can help us undertake initiatives that will educate our employees and assist us in reaching out a welcoming hand to all in our community.

This alone would be enough to motivate ENWIN to support and develop a partnership with MCC. But there is more.

Across the nation, there is a growing awareness – in education, government and business – of the benefits of workplace diversity and inclusion. Studies have shown a strong relationship between diverse workplaces, high levels of innovation, financial success, employee engagement and retention.

enwin utlities staff outside with masks onAn engaged, diverse workforce, where people bring different perspectives on how to achieve a common goal, can only result in stronger, more innovative and informed business processes, leading to better outcomes.

Put another way, diversity and inclusion can be the keys to financial success and sustainability, as well as a friendly, welcoming community.

We are proud to be active in establishing our workplace diversity and inclusion programs, and delighted to have MCC to help us. With their assistance in our education and outreach to community, we are taking a big step toward our future as a strong, diverse and inclusive business.