C6 Program


The MCC C6 Program offers newly-arrived refugees the opportunity to be matched with pre-screened volunteers living in the Windsor and Essex County area. C6 stands for Community, Connecting, Culture, Collaborating, Coaching, and Cooperating.

Program focus is on social integration and community involvement.  Under the direction of MCC staff, program families and individuals will identify and work to solve problems, learn valuable information, and become familiar with and appreciative of new cultures.

All pairings will be supported through regular phone calls and continued program review by MCC staff.  The C6 program will be continually evaluated and reviewed for areas of increased development and opportunity.

C6 is…


An MCC matching program

  • Designed to assist newcomers with their integration process by matching them with volunteers who are resident Canadians.
  • Designed to bring Canadians and newcomers together to make newcomers feel welcome.
  • Designed to encourage a two-way cultural exchange.

C6 newcomers are…


Recently arrived Permanent Residents

  • Both individuals and families are eligible.
  • Application and interview are required.
  • Willing to be actively engaged in the program and take part in cultural exchange and community and social engagement.


For more information please contact:

Lyn Bain, Program Coordinator

519.255.1127 ext. 146 or send us an email.

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