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Appreciating the uniqueness of this city 

By: Natasha Nakhle


My experience as a Carrousel of the Nations Youth Ambassador was incredibly rewarding and truly an unforgettable learning experience. I am a lifelong Windsorite, so I always took the cultural diversity we have here in Windsor-Essex for granted.

During my time as a Carrousel Youth Ambassador, I learned a lot more about the history of diversification in Windsor and grew to appreciate the uniqueness of this city because of its rich culture. I also learned a lot more about Carrousel itself. I had been attending Carrousel since I was very young, yet there was still so much I had to learn about its history, development and the “behind-the-scenes” logistical aspects. Through my time as a Youth Ambassador, I was able
to meet like-minded, passionate youth from various cultural communities. I became better-acquainted with other demographics in the city and immersed myself in their cultures in a much more meaningful, personal way.

When I worked alongside the Multicultural Council on the #GenVax campaign in summer 2021, it was a very educational leadership opportunity. I got to be part of each step of the process in community-based design; the brainstorming, the logistical planning, the execution and the reflection. I learned how to efficiently collaborate with team members, while being a voice for my demographic at large. It made me a lot more interested in local youth-led social justice initiatives and it taught me how to effectively network with other organizations, which helped in my external pursuits of volunteerism.

As for the 2022 Carrousel event, I think it went off without a hitch. When handing out the magazines prior to the Carrousel, I found that so many people looked forward to the annual Carrousel because it was a welcome change from their monotonous routine. I was able to visit nearly all the villages, and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. I found that there was infectious energy and enthusiasm in all the volunteers and visitors, which was a welcome change after years of isolation. After posting some of my experiences at Carrousel on different social media platforms, I was met with an overwhelming amount of interest from classmates, coworkers and family. Carrousel truly does bring people together from all walks of life and it is such a joyous occasion. I saw so many other young adults at the Carrousel events, which is a great indication of prosperity and longevity for Carrousel. Being part of the Carrousel Entourage was also a very exciting experience, which allowed me to experience Carrousel in a whole new way.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience as a Carrousel Youth Ambassador because it equipped me with knowledge that will help me in various endeavors and also introduced me to so many ambitious and intelligent individuals.

Natasha Nakhle

Youth Ambassador

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