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An Unforgettable Carrousel Experience!

By: Lauren Lopez


If I were to describe my experience as a Youth Ambassador at Carrousel of Nations 2022 in one word, it would have to be unforgettable. Even before the festival officially began, I was already aware that this was going to be a special and formative experience in my young life. This awareness inspired me to take detailed notes throughout both of my stints with the VIP entourage. During the second weekend of Carrousel, I decided to write down one or two life lessons that I learned from each village that I visited. At both the Windsor Polish village and the Polish Beach village, I learned the importance of being proud of one’s heritage and acknowledging the achievements of one’s countrymen, like Chopin and Pope John Paul II. At the Lebanese village, I learned to be happy and dance like no one is watching. At the German village, I learned to be honest and have a good sense of humour. Finally, at the Caribbean village, I learned to have fun. Although the meals that I shared with the other members of the entourage were delicious, exciting and enjoyable, I will never forget how the volunteers at each village made me feel. Each village may have taught me a unique lesson that reflects their culture alone, but they all made me feel welcomed, appreciated, and important. In the future, whether it be through my career as a teacher or as a community volunteer, I hope to imbue everything that I do with this welcoming spirit.


Lauren Lopez

Carrousel Youth Ambassador

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