Multicultural Council of Windsor & Essex County

June 12, 2020

WINDSOR,ON – Continuing their mission of creating a welcoming community for all, the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County is excited to announce that with the support of ethnic and cultural organizations across our community, the spirit of Windsor’s longest running festival is p oised to return this month. Respecting physical distancing guidelines, organizers are offering a creative way to celebrate diversity and culture from the safety and convenience of your electronic devices. Presenting Carrousel@Home.
On Friday, June 26 and Saturday, June 27 the Multicultural Council will host our first-ever social media-based celebration of local culture. Based entirely online, Carrousel@Home will showcase many of the wonderful traditions of the cultures here in Windsor-Essex.
“Carrousel of the Nations is an institution in our community.” explains Kathleen Thomas, Executive Director of the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County, “In addition to being an award-winning food and drink festival, for over 40 years it has been an opportunity for visitors and residents to discover the cultures and traditions that make Windsor such a unique and amazing place to live. The MCC is proud to continue to encourage and celebrate the harmony created when a diverse community comes together, and we are overjoyed that we have the technology and capability to share performances and presentations- and even provide access to some of the famous food- through Carrousel@Home.”
The event will be streamed simultaneously on Facebook Live and Twitch, and will be hosted by Carrousel of the Nations Chair and Multicultural Council President Allison Johnson. Representatives from ethnic communities in Windsor-Essex will share music and dance performances, cooking demonstrations, and traditional presentations unique to their cultures.
“This is an unbelievable opportunity, as our slogan says, to Celebrate Culture…From a Safe Distance.” Says Johnson, “We have put together an amazing schedule of vibrant presentations and performances from 26 cultural villages and ethnic groups, and have made it possible to conveniently and safely take part in the festival wherever you are.”
“Carrousel of the Nations has a long and distinguished history as an award-winning food and drink festival, allowing visitors to sample hand-made culinary creations from around the world.” adds Johnson, “Carrousel@Home plans to continue that tradition by partnering with both participating villages and local restaurants to promote their delivery, curbside, and take-out services during our event. Food will remain an important part of our celebration, and Carrousel@Home will let you know how to get your hands on delicious and convenient ethnic fare.”
Participating cultural communities include
• African
• Bavarian
• Bhutanese
• Cameroonian
• Caribbean
• Chinese
• Croatian
• Filipino
• German
• Greek
• Hungarian
• Indian
• Irish
• Italian
• Karen
• Korean
• Lebanese
• Macedonian
• Polish – Essex
• Polish – Windsor
• Romanian
• Scottish
• Serbian– St. Dimitrije
• Serbian– Gracanica
• Slovak
• Ukrainian

Carrousel@Home promises to be an entertaining and exciting celebration of culture. Demonstrations of traditional arts, cuisine, history, and more will illustrate the diversity of Windsor-Essex and encourage us all to continue to embrace our identity as one of the most multicultural communities in Canada.
Carrousel@Home will stream on Facebook Live and Twitch on Friday, June 26 from 4pm – 8pm and Saturday, June 27 from 12pm – 8pm.
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