Client Support Services - CSS

Client Support Services – CSS


Government-Assisted Refugees are brought to Canada by the Canadian Government based on their need for protection. These new members of our community have much to offer, but need our help to access services and make informed decisions in order to tap into their true potential.

The Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County delivers the CSS program locally working towards a shared vision of helping Government-Assisted Refugees meet the challenges of a new home.

Case Managers provide mobile and flexible support to assist clients to transition into their new community in the first year of arrival. Helping to strengthen partnerships and engage the broader community results in a larger network and allows for better and more accessible services.

Onsite Nurse Practitioner provides post-arrival health assessment, referral to medical specialists and orientation to the Canadian healthcare system.

As part of an informal partnership with the University of Windsor Psychology Services, doctoral psychology students work with Government-Assisted Refugees under supervision during their eight-month therapy practicum.

CSS Windsor is part of a network of community organizations that are dedicated to improving the health of immigrants in the Windsor-Essex area through events such as Health Access Day ― an annual event that provides information to immigrants and refugees.

Government-Assisted Refugees come to Canada to find renewed hope and create better lives for themselves and their families. CSS Windsor is continually collaborating, improving and helping Government-Assisted Refugees meet the challenges of their new home.

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