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The Employment Services Department seeks to enhance the settlement and employment supports available to newcomers.  It achieves this by offering newcomer clients specialized programming that combines language learning, sector-specific instruction, skill development and coordinated job placements.

Employment Services also provides individual assessments and group training with the goal of helping the client;

  • Gain industry-specific skills and vocabulary to succeed in the job market
  • Gain self-sufficiency in their employment skills
  • Increase their knowledge of the local labour market
  • Develop and expand professional networks
  • Gain Canadian work experience

The department offers a variety of programs designed to support the client and engage with the employment community.

For more information about programs, please contact Jehan Helou at 519-255-1127 ext. # 185 or at jhelou@themcc.com

The Build Up Program


The Build Up Program provides occupational-specific language training, combined with skilled trades training and job placement opportunities in the construction, agriculture, manufacturing and warehousing industries.


The seven week instructional program includes four weeks of occupational-specific language training and three weeks of hands-on training by Majors McGuire, covering relevant topics like working from heights and confined spaces, blue print reading and health and safety, to name a few.


Following the successful completion of the instructional program, participants will receive a three month paid job placement with an employer in the construction, agriculture, manufacturing or warehousing business.


Another component of the program is the Mentorship. Mentorship offers pre-employment and employment services to clients that develop employment skills and link clients with mentors in the community.  Services are offered in group settings, workshops or one-on-one meetings.

Workshop topics include;

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letter writing
  • Job interviewing
  • Completing and submitting online job applications
  • Canadian workplace culture
  • Job search techniques, tools and resources

The Mentorship Program also matches clients with volunteer mentors who provide guidance, support and insight on the Canadian work experience.  The mentors also assist clients in expanding their professional networks and their long-term success in the job market.

The Chance Program


The Chance Program offers four weeks of soft skills and transferrable skills instruction.  At the successful completion of the academic program, participants will be eligible for a three month job placement across a variety of employment sectors.  The Chance Program also offers support to participating employers through education, coaching and strategies for working with newcomers.

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